Monday, August 19, 2019


RussSignificant benefits come with paid membership in Prime Timers Houston. These activities engage members in educational, cultural, self-improvement, social, and entreating activities. Members are engaged in an active, caring community of like-minded men who strive to master the challenges of life and to improve themselves and the community in which they are engaged.

The organization stresses the value of involvement in all its scheduled activates to enrich lives of senior men and younger men who understand senior men and admire them. Prime Timers Houston seeks to further socialization; to reduce isolation; to encourage and to educate members’ needs for grooming and healthful diets; to encourage physical activates as appropriate; to stimulate mental agility with games such as bridge and other activities. Once accepted into membership, a member may participate in all activities sponsored by the organization. Some activities require additional fees though most do not.

The first over-arching, inclusive principle of Prime Timers Houston is to support a community that promotes opportunities in which member feel comfortable to socialize and to enjoy life with men ranging in age from 40 years old onward, to encourage and further close friendships between individuals as well as to develop themselves among larger social structures with particular, self-designated interests.